Employee Commitment

Employee Commitment

We equip employees with the resources and support they need to be successful. We encourage teamwork and provide a safe, rewarding work environment. We make no compromise when it comes to safety.

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is integral to our culture and is a focus as we integrate new businesses into our operations. We reduced the number of OSHA recordable incidents from 296 in 2006 to 128 in 2015. In 2006 with 15,800 employees, our incident rate was 1.91; in 2015, our 21,000 employees achieved an incident rate of 0.64, a 66% improvement. In the same period, we reduced the number of preventable vehicle accidents from 239 to 136.

  • We measure each of our businesses against specific safety goals and require regular progress reports
  • When incidents occur, we make them visible to everyone, in real time
  • We focus on the safety of contractors and the general public by educating them
Safety Incident Rate
MidAmerican Safety Incident Rate

Preventable Vehicle Acccidents
MidAmerican Preventable Vehicle Accident Rate

Delivering Results

Eight of our businesses have maintained top-decile safety performance for three or more consecutive years. Notably, CalEnergy Philippines and Northern Powergrid have held their annual reportable incident rate at or below 1.0 for 21 years and 13 years, respectively.

Our Employees' Commitment

Employee commitment is a two-way street. We provide the resources and work environment employees need to be successful. In return, we expect them to embrace our core principles, deliver exceptional customer service, and be the companies' ambassadors, making our businesses a positive presence in the communities we serve.

Our Core Principles

  • Customer Service
  • Employee Commitment
  • Environmental Respect
  • Regulatory Integrity
  • Operational Excellence
  • Financial Strength

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